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劉欣欣 Luna Lau (計劃經理)

我們非常自豪地宣布,Luna Lau作為我們的技術協助提供者(TAP)之一,加入了我們的團隊擔任計劃經理,確保我們的項目運行順利、高效,並發揮最大潛力!Luna畢業於香港大學,畢業後在各個慈善機構和非政府組織工作。她對環境和原生植物保護、文化遺產和社會流動性產生了興趣。她在香港和菲律賓的實地的經驗使她建立了可持續農業的知識,這將對當前和未來的項目非常有用,有助於零碳足食(亞洲)在亞洲產生更大的影響。


Penny Chan (計劃專員 - 實習生)

"As a summer intern at ZFPA, I am most excited to learn about how the Restore Fund works from fundraising to subsidising farmers, and how the programme can benefit farmers. Being a farming/nature enthusiast since young and an environmental science student who has experience in organic farming, I strongly believe in the power of self-sufficient sustainable food systems and regenerative farming practices that solves the root of our problems under climate change and the growing population.

With my aim to fulfil my sense of purpose by having a meaningful career to help more people and the environment, I am greatly motivated and curious to learn about how ZFPA conducts services for our local farmers in the form of a charity. Therefore, I am also looking forward to helping support the project management of ZFPA. Learning the practical, scientific, and also management levels of promoting sustainable agriculture and food systems has always been my passion, and I can’t wait to see how they are adopted in crowded cities like Hong Kong."

Kevin Li (研究與計劃專員 - 實習生)

"It is a pleasure to be working with ZFPA and GI this summer to spread the message on sustainable farming practices and make my contribution to a growing body of knowledge that will be key for the future. Large-scale, industrial farming systems that the world has grown to rely on are damaging and degrading the very Earth that provides. The agricultural industry has and always will be essential to life and the responsibility to practice agriculture sustainably and regeneratively is ever more important. I look forward to bringing my own sparks and ideas to the organization that will hopefully be conducive to raising awareness and inspiring others to learn about regenerative farming practices and recognize the harms of our current food systems."


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